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Sunday, September 2, 2012


I received my copies of the new print version of Tarleton's Wife this week, and of course that had to take precedence over other promised blogs. Not only do I really like the depiction of Major Tarleton and his wife, but herbs play an important role in the story, and I was delighted to see them included on the cover.

A bit of background:  Tarleton's Wife is my first published book. It came out as an e-book & CD in 1999 and in print in 2000. It has been with Ellora's Cave Blush for several years now, and frankly the new print version came as a surprise. Tarleton's Wife is my second favorite book, right after The Sometime Bride, so I am particularly pleased to see it done up in such an attractive version. Here's the new cover. Please tell me what you think.

Julia Litchfield, who has followed the drum all her life, is statuesque, independent, courageous, closer to handsome than pretty.  Not at all the petite, sweet type her father’s aide-de-camp Major Nicholas Tarleton prefers.  But on his deathbed in Spain, the major marries Julia so she will have a roof over her head when she returns to England.

Eighteen months later, when Julia has established an herbal business to aid the major’s tenants and is contemplating a new life with an old friend of his, Nicholas Tarleton returns home—with a Spanish fiancĂ©e at his side.  And no recollection of his marriage to Julia.  In the dramatic weeks that follow Julia nearly loses both men in her life before the final resolution of a conflict of love and honor that might have challenged Solomon himself. 
~ * ~ 

Note:  Cross-over characters from both Tarleton's Wife and The Sometime Bride can be found in O'Rourke's Heiress, and my next full-length Regency Historical (not yet begun) will finally provide a spouse for the gentleman who keeps getting left out.  

Links to Ellora's Cave, Kindle & Nook can be found on my website: Blair Bancroft 

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  1. Hi Grace! When I looked at this cover first thing I thought of was comfort and protecting, and so romantically sweet! It is a beautiful cover. So warm! I do now have The Sometime Bride and so must plan to read soon!

    You too have a Sunday and too holiday if in the States. (Not sure if Labor Day celebrated in other countries. Cathie