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Monday, June 4, 2012


When I began this blog in January 2011, I called it Grace's Mosaic Moments so I could feel free to blog about whatever struck my fancy. Well, this week I decided to  go "commercial," blatantly advertising an Editing Special at Best Foot Forward and displaying a list of all my books that are currently available. (Blair Bancroft's books, not Grace's. Grace writes e-mails and blogs. She also edits. Blair writes novels.)

Best Foot Forward is Grace wearing her editor's hat. Qualifications: Twenty years as editor of an educational publishing company, twenty years editing my own work, fifteen years judging over 400 RWA contest entries, and eighteen months of working with authors as Best Foot Forward. I've been attempting to pass along what I've learned in my blog series, EDIT THE BLASTED BOOK (a work in progress). Also, please see the Archives for my 2011 blog series, WRITING 101.

Editing Special at BEST FOOT FORWARD.
All too often I see books at BFF which I wish I'd seen in those vital first chapters when they were just getting started - those first chapters that unpublished authors submit to contests, agents, and editors. Those all-important first chapters that make or break a book. Don't compound errors by going blindly forward, making the same mistakes over and over. Get help up front. Hopefully, your critique will be validation that you're on the right track. If not, you'll have a much better idea of what you're doing wrong and how to fix it.  So . . .

Three chapters (calculated at 12,000 words and including BFF's volume discount and the RWA member discount) would come to c. $185.00. The current BFF Special, however, is:

Editing, copy editing, and critique of your FIRST THREE CHAPTERS   -   $100.00

For a brochure, contact

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Books by Blair Bancroft

Traditional Regencies
Lady Silence
A Gamble on Love
A Season for Love
The Temporary Earl
The Harem Bride
The Courtesan's Letters
Mistletoe Moment 

Regency Historicals
Tarleton's Wife
The Sometime Bride
O'Rourke's Heiress

The Captive Heiress

Suspense, Mystery, Romance (contemporary)
Love At Your Own Risk
Shadowed Paradise
Paradise Burning
Orange Blossoms & Mayhem
Limbo Man
Airborne - The Hanover Restoration

Coming Soon
Death by Marriage

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