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Saturday, August 29, 2020

Editing Revival

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On a lighter note . . .

Not sure what game Kylo was playing - seems more cat-like to me

Not two weeks into her Freshman year at Seminole High, Cassidy had a few friends over. (Please ignore the lack of social distancing.) I imagine she knew more than a few of them from the flight program at her STEM middle school, but, really, I begin to suspect she has an ulterior motive beyond her interest in being a pilot . . .

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 Best Foot Forward lives again

After more than a year's absence from Editing (slowed to crawl by my efforts to compile my blog posts into book form, followed by my broken foot and marathon mask-making), I have decided to revive my Fiction Editing service, Best Foot Forward. A quick check of the Internet seems to confirm my services (even with a slight price increase) are still one of the best bargains around, and editing a manuscript for a frequent client reminded me how much I enjoy it.

I have always kept a low profile on Best Foot Forward—no website, contact by email only—as my writing had to come first. Today, however, for the first time, I am posting the Services offered and Price Information to my blog. 

Please note:  I do not provide separate Copy Editing or Proofreading services. But I make an effort to  include these services when acting as your  Developmental or Content editor. 



Content Editing.  Have you created characters who will grab your readers’ attention? Are your hero and heroine likable, even though they may have faults? Will your readers want to root for them, care what happens to them? Does your plot work, or is it too shallow for a 100,000-word book? Have you used descriptive language and colorful words in both Dialogue and Narration? Have you made the setting clear, or are your characters acting against a blank canvas? Have you run off at the mouth, using so many words your story and characters are obscured? Have you used too few words, merely giving readers a hint of what you’re thinking instead of good solid meat to chew on?

These problems, and many more, are what a content editor must determine. In the New York print market, these duties are totally separate from the Copy Editor, usually the low-paid new kid on the block who checks over the Nuts & Bolts of your manuscript.

Developmental Editing.
  Similar to Content Editing but even more detailed. More in-depth analysis, more definitive suggestions for improvement. A longer, more detailed critique.

Copy Editing
(or Proofreading).  The Nuts & Bolts of your manuscript—spelling, punctuation, grammar, continuity, fact-checking, etc.


Content Editing.  A service that works well for most authors. Includes Editing Comments (via Track Changes), Copy Editing, and a separate Critique.   

Developmental Editing. Designed for unpublished authors who want to make a serious effort to improve their skills and for indie authors who realize they need some serious editing/copy editing help. These services include Editing Comments (via Track Changes), Copy Edits, and a separate Comprehensive Critique. The Critique covers (as necessary): Opening Paragraphs; Characterization - Hero, Heroine, Secondary; Conflict; Narration; Dialogue; Setting; Plot; Style - including Show vs. Tell, Less is More, Personalize/Identify, Point of View; Presentation - format, grammar, spelling, punctuation; Overall Impression


I will use my many years of experience as an editor and author to help you put your best foot forward. To give you the fairest critiques, editing, and craft suggestions I possibly can. And always with the intention of being helpful. (I do not criticize for the sake of criticism.) And, most importantly, to give you the advice and confidence needed to be all you can be.
Grace's Professional Bio:

I have more than thirty years' experience as an editor and am the author (as Blair Bancroft) of more than forty novels  in a wide variety of genres. My books have won numerous awards, and I have judged somewhere around 400 writing contests over the last twenty years, in addition to my work with Best Foot Forward. (My favorite thank-you note was the one that said my score was the lowest of the three judges, but the author learned the most from my comments!)


Content Editing:                  .01 per word        (1¢ per word)

Developmental Editing:      .0125 per word    (1.25¢ per word)

Volume Discount:                10% discount (80,000 words & up)

Repeat Clients:                    10% discount

Grace Note:  I am always happy to provide a fixed estimate upon request. 


Grace at: 

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Thanks for stopping by,
Grace (Blair Bancroft) 


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  1. I'm glad to hear you're back in the editing business. Too bad I don't write fiction....